1. What are your most popular products?

T-shirts, stickers, lapel pins, sweatshirts, caps, and calendars are among our top sellers, but other wearables like polo shirts and jackets are quite popular, as are non-apparel items like lanyards and golf items.

2. I have an event coming up. Do you provide specialty items or awards?

Absolutely! Events are a popular reason for purchasing, with many organizations looking for wearables, display items (banners, custom tablecloths), and memorable giveaways and prizes for attendees. We are happy to work within your budget and time-frame to find the right product or mix of products for your event.

3. Do you only sell to organizations, or can individuals purchase?

We primarily sell business to business, but we also sell to individuals on occasion. Please give us a call or submit a quote request, and we’d be happy to discuss various options with you.

4. What if I only want one or two items?

Many product categories lend themselves to low quantities, although the prices at low quantities can be high. We are happy to suggest solutions that might work, so please contact us so we can best help meet your needs.

5. I’m not a very good artist. How good does my artwork need to be to have a custom design created?

We have full-time artists on staff, and they work wonders with client scribbles and sketches. Simply send over your ideas, and we will take it from there!

6. What do you charge for custom artwork?

Our artists’ time and design creation needed for your order is offered to clients free of charge! Our artists have worked for us for a combined total of nearly 35 years, and we are very proud of the care and quality they put into each custom design.

7. Can I get a sample before purchasing? Will it be decorated?

Depending upon the timeline, a blank sample can generally be provided prior to purchase. Some products such as caps and lapel pins typically are produced after approval on a finished sample. Other products offer virtual samples for approval. Please discuss your preference for a blank or decorated sample with your account specialist.

8. How long will it take to get my order?

Each order is custom made, and production time varies with product category.

9. Where are you located?

Our office is located in Bellevue, Washington, a city in the greater Seattle metropolitan area.

10. Do products ship from your Bellevue location?

No. We provide custom artwork to nationwide suppliers and decorators, and the finished products ship from their facilities to you.

11. Do you have a catalog?

Yes, we do offer a catalog that highlights popular products, product categories, and design ideas. It does not contain a comprehensive offering of the items we can provide because there are simply too many items to show.